Membership statement:

The Special Friends of the Museum was organized to help the Aurora Fossil Museum accomplish its mission of providing information on the geological forces and paleontological sediments that helped form the coastal plain of North Carolina. SFAFM members help with a wide assortment of activities including acting as museum guides, assisting student groups in fossil identification, working in the gift shop, fossil preparation and collection assistance, and setting up new displays.

Among the skills that are always in demand are:

  • Art/Design
  • Teaching
  • Computer skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Photography
  • Carpentry, painting and other construction skills
  • Landscaping

Membership benefits:

SFAFM members' benefits include:

  • Quarterly newsletter detailing AFM and SFAFM activities, upcoming events, and many articles on fossils and fossil collecting.
  • A 10% discount on all items purchased from the gift shop.
  • The opportunity to be included in special classes and events sponsored by the Museum.
  • Menbership to the SFAFM website with access to member only content (forum, newsletter archive, image gallery).
  • Access to SFAFM sponsored fossil collecting trips to both regioanl and national localities.

If you are an innovative and enthusiastic person who enjoys interaction with the public and has a leaning toward the sciences, you are just the type of person we welcome in our support group. Enjoy the companionship of like-minded people by joining the Special Friends of the Aurora Fossil Museum.


Membership structure and fees for 2019:  

Membership into the Special Friends is a method of giving toward the support of the museum.  Please give as much as you can, at a level as high as you are comfortable with, so that we may be better able to support the Aurora Fossil Museum as well as offer you the most that we can, as a fossil collector.

 I wish to join the Friends as:                  Individual              Family (2)


Base Membership                       (Level 1)                  $30                             $45


Gold Membership                       (Level 2)                   $60                              $90


Platinum Membership               (Level 3)                  $100                            $150


Diamond Membership               (Level 4)                  $200+                          $300+


Joining the Special Friends of the Aurora Fossil Museum

There are several ways to join the Special Friends of the Aurora Fossil Museum. The "Printable Membership Form" link at the bottom of this page will open a membership form in PDF format in a new tab in your browser.  If your browser supports editing PDF forms you can fill in the fields using your computer or device before printing; alternatively just download, print and complete the form offline. Once completed please send the form with your check to the address included at the bottom of the form.

If you wish to pay online click the "On Line Membership Form" link at the bottom of this page.  The on line membership form will open. Fill out the form choosing a payment method from the options at the bottom of the online form and submit the form. You can pay via your PayPal account or by credit card via the PayPal payment gateway; simply do not log in to PayPal just select pay by credit card and follow the steps given to complete payment. If you select the "Off Line" payment option at the bottom of the membership form and you will receive an email which you can print and send along with your payment to the address specified.

     Printable Membership Form                  On Line Membership Form