The 2018 Aurora Fossil Festival:

In many parts of the south the week before and through Memorial Day was wet, wet, wet.  Somehow the most eastern part of NC stayed dry with only showers during the night one day.  It made for a great Fossil Festival full of wonderful speakers, great food, a jam-packed Community Center, and no fewer than 10,000 people on the fossil piles at the same time!  Well, a slight exaggeration, but there was not much in the way of elbow room as people of all ages collected shark teeth from all the piles.  By all reports the phosphate mine brought us numerous loads of fossil rich Pungo reject material.  Several very nice large mako teeth were found, and I heard that a 3 inch meg was discovered. 

digpileinfield thecrowd

Volunteers showed up ready to work through the week, and readied the small town for the onslaught of people.  Saturday got off to a speedy start with the Aurora 5-K, with several Friends members and one of the speakers supporting the run.  The parade, which is always the highlight for the kids, painted Main Street with patriotic colors and crazy men in tiny cars.  The field was packed with rides and carnival type entertainment for kids and parents alike.  Thousands of people spent a large part of their festival time in the field listening to music and sharing in the fun.  

 Lee Cone – President of the SFAFM

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